With times and technology changing on a daily basis, Time is long gone when manual operation of electronics, whole house audio, lighting and security was the order of the day. Time is now to connect the thermostats, audio videos, and lighting, TVs, Receivers, projectors, home-theaters and security into one entity. Uptown media control has the expertise of connecting all these gadgets into a central system that can be operated from the comfort of your couch. A simple step of in cooperating in a wall key-pad is the solution to the many gadgets that technology has improvised. Apart from wall keypads, uptown media control has the capacity of making use of smartphones, IPhone, IPad and remote controls to control all your gadgets into one touch of a button. Don’t get overwhelmed by the world of ever changing technology, we in the Uptown media have the key to your worries. Give us a call or contact us and we will work with you as per your budget to give you a better deal to solve your woes.