Uptown Media Control is located in Lebanon, NH and it is a well developed and organized small scale company which has been into existence in Upper Valley for the last eleven years. Uptown Media Control greatly cares about its customer’s satisfaction. Our goal is to provide state of the art with the highest quality home entertainment to people from all walks of life. To meet our goals, we have highly trained professional team available for assistance and support.


Home Theater


Are you looking for Home Theater Entertainment? Well then you are at the right place, we install home theater system which can be controlled by programmed remote control, in other word you can operate your system from any room within your home.

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Custom Audio


Whole House Audio Distribution of sound to speakers from multiple audio source components to multiple listening areas located throughout your Sehome and outside is simple now.

Security Systems


Installation of surveillance cameras: this includes homes and business, we carry high quality cameras


Home Automation


Life doesn’t just happen in the living room. Things heat up outside the kitchen. And we dine almost everywhere but the dining room. Our lives are fluid. Shouldn’t we expect the same from our media?